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  • VST – Vacuum Slip Table

    VST – Vacuum Slip Table

    OVERVIEW The vacuum slip table is a new Centrotecnica’s patented concept of making a slip table. The slip table is guided by balancing oil pressure and vacuum force. APPLICATION The...

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  • Triaxial Fixtures

    Triaxial Fixtures

    OVERVIEW A three-axial fixture rotates the item in a particular direction to obtain the vibration components to be present along the three orthogonal axes of the items. APPLICATION...

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  • Thermal Barriers

    Thermal Barriers

    OVERVIEW Many vibration tests have to be performed with a shaker combined with a climatic chamber that performs at the same time thermal and humidity cycles on the items. During these...

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  • Slip Tables

    Vibration tests require the application of the vibration along 3 orthogonal axis while the shaker vibrates just in one direction. To achieve this requirement it is possible to rotate...

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  • RT – Rail Table

    RT – Rail Table

    OVERVIEW Traditional slip tables are operated by oil pressurized under a magnesium plate. Centrotecnica’s rail table is a robust and highly damped light alloy horizontal table guided...

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  • Resonant Fixtures

    Resonant Fixtures

    OVERVIEW A fixture studied with an intentional resonance between shaker and item is called “resonance fixture” and it is usually designed in order to achieve a very high vibration...

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  • Prisms and Cubes

    Prisms and Cubes

    OVERVIEW Prism and cubes are vibration shakers’ ancillary equipment. Almost all vibration tests should be performed along 3 orthogonal axes while the shaker vibrates just in one...

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  • Linear Engine Shock Machines

    Linear Engine Shock Machines

    Our mechanical design department is also dedicated to conceive special projects and special machines. Lo.F.Hi.S. (Low Frequency High Stroke and Velocity Shaker) is a system based on...

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  • Inline Vibration Automation Stress Screening

    Our mechanical design department is also dedicated to conceive special projects and special machines. Centrotecnica has experience both in automation and in vibration tests and can...

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  • Fixtures

    WHAT IS? The items to be tested should be held during the test in the same position and configuration present on their standard installation. Vibration should be transmitted to the...

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